We Provide an authentic, comfortable experience for families of all kinds.

Marine Fuel And Conveniences

We are the only supplier of marine fuel on the Winnipeg River

Yes, that is correct! We are one of the few Marina’s left on the Winnipeg river that are still selling fuel. We sell marine grade non-ethanol fuel right on the water. Just drive right up to our gas dock and let us do the work! We’ll fill your boat up while you grab anything you need from our convenience store.

In addition to Gas, we have a great selection of bait to help you reel in that big one! Aside from our years of personal expertise, we also carry all the necessities for fishing on the river.

We have all your basic goods including cube and block ice, cigarettes, hotdogs, pop, chips, ice cream… You name it, we’ve got you covered! And if you could use the early-morning pick-me-up that only caffeine can provide, our fresh brewed coffee and cappuccino’s will have you ready-to-go!

Yamaha VX 110 Wave Runners rental

From $65/hour Enjoy the waters and high speeds!

Fully equipped with some of the latest in water-bound exploration technology, our marina is prepared to handle the requests of both the novice aquatic sightseer, and the experienced adrenaline junky!

Famous for their high-speed, high-octane potential, these “Motorcycles of the Sea” are also great for solitary or couples sightseeing, as you’re transported to even the farthest corners of the lake with ease! Perfect for those looking for a little more excitement during their lakeside stay.

Available for however long you may desire, our 2-day rentals offer enough time to really get the hang of these machines, and allow you to see much of what our lake offers… While having an absolute blast doing it! We provide lifejackets (a legal and safety-conscious requirement for such a fast-paced activity), as well as knowledgable staff with enough hands-on experience to ensure a thorough understanding of the technology at hand, allowing groups of 2 or less to squeeze every last bit of potential out of what we have to offer!

State-of-the-art and ready-to-go, our sizeable Jet-Ski fleet is at your command! Crashing waves, tight turns, and high-octane fun, all within the secure and relaxed atmosphere you’ve come to expect from Winnipeg River Marina. Book one of our Jet-Ski rental deals today, and don’t just enjoy the lake… Experience it!

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Hourly - $65
Half Day (4 Hours ) - $160
Daily Weekday (9am to 5pm) - $230
Daily Weekend (9am to 5pm) - $250
Weekend (6pm Fri. to 5pm Sun.) - $475
5 Day Rental (9am Mon. to 5pm Fri.) - $950
Costs do not include any fuel or oil consumption

Boat Rentals

From $60 / Half Day Explore the waters with the family

For the more family-oriented aquatic adventurer, our marina houses a fleet of boats available for rent, whether for the duration of your trip, an early morning fishing expedition, or a spur-of-the-moment, afternoon lake day.

Boats, as with any vehicle, come with their fair share of safety concerns… Luckily, Winnipeg River Marina has you covered! We provide you with all the necessary equipment, from life jackets, to our numerous experienced employees, who’ll help you get the hang of things! From $249 for 3 days, we’ll help to ensure you get the most out of your time spent water-bound.

Our boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have been hand-selected to ensure folks of all skill levels’ needs are met.

Perfect for zipping around the lake in comfort, or just basking in the sun, floating as the waves gently carry you to and fro… The only limitations on what you can do are within your own imagination! Waking up at the crack of dawn, grabbing a coffee, and teaching the kids the basics of fishing is truly an experience unmatched by anything back home.

Complete your outdoor escapist experience by adding a boat rental to your camping trip! Once you get behind the wheel, feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair as you glide seamlessly across the glassy-smooth waters our lake is known for, we’re sure you’ll agree with the saying we have around here: “Memories are made on the water.”

Our Rentals

Costs do not include fuel consumption.

Winter Storage

Storage prices are dependant on size. Contact us for availability!

Unfortunately, missing belongings are just a part of outdoor life… But now, with our secure Winter storage facilities, it doesn’t have to be!

Whether your camping and need to keep your valuables safe, or a regular Marina user who simply needs somewhere to keep there boating equipment during the harsh winter months, our storage facility is equipped to accommodate your needs. We know how tough finding a place for your summer things during the winter can be… That’s why we at Winnipeg River Marina are glad to ease those worries and provide you with a safe, warm location to keep your equipment until summer rolls around once more!

From $59 / month, not only is our winter storage a great deal… The peace of mind it offers is priceless!

RV Park and Camping Coming Summer 2017

Campsites are based on length. Contact us for reservations and prices for next summer!

Whether in a cozy tent or the comfort of an RV, nothing beats a night spent out in the fresh air, gazing up at the stars while surrounded by those you love.

Located upon some of the serenest land around, the Winnipeg River Marina campsites and RV park will offer quiet, contemplative camping options for families and groups of all shapes and sizes. We will offer pricing options custom tailored to the length and duration of your particular stay.

Safe, secure, and lush campsites surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views and vistas around, our beautifully-maintained campsites are all set to be the base of operations for all your outdoor adventures.

Chock-full of sights and sounds that can’t help but inspire awe, the areas all around you will provide endless hours of fun, low-impact natural entertainment for both adults and children of all ages. While boasting security and privacy, our campsites are also close enough to one another so as to offer the community feeling that we as human beings thrive upon.

Located in the heart of our facilities, well-maintained and within walking distance of a number of great, useful amenities (including our Convenience Store/Coffee Shop and working Laundromat), our campsites are prepared to house you and your family for as long as your journey should last… Welcome to your Home away from Home!